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Headwear Products

Interhat is experienced in designing and producing all types of headwear. We design and manufacture products such as:

Baseball caps, military caps, ivy and newsboy hats, sun visors, bandanas, bucket hats, hip-hop caps, and knitted hats. 


Sports Accessory Ranges

Due to the merchandising needs of our clients we also cater for complementary products such as:

Scarfes, gloves, socks, sandals, slippers, wrist bands, sports balls, flags, banners, bags, beach towels, rucksacks, casual wallets, and various other items. Whatever we can?t produce entirely we can also design and source from our integrated supply chain.

We also produce replica gear for sports teams and we are open to enquiries for a great variety of products due to our flexibility in design.


To find out more about what we can produce for your brand, see our case study on product range development or our image gallery