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Interhat?s headwear design studio is situated in the head office and is staffed by a team of experts with more than 50 years of combined knowledge in headwear design. Interhat doesn't just stay abreast of design, we successfully drive design through our product development. The design facilities comprise of:

Material testing: we are constantly searching for the best, newest and most innovative materials for developing our products. We travel the planet, collect samples and test their durability, breathability, colour resilience, maintainability and of course styling.

Concept development: our team is constantly playing with new ideas and redesigning previous concepts. We attend the major European, American and Asian fashion and trade shows in search of inspiration and we can easily take concepts into the prototype stage for further improvements.

Rapid prototyping: Having access to a massive resource of materials and headwear related accessories we can take a product from concept to prototype in a matter of hours.

Model testing: Having our prototype tested thoroughly means we can ensure that production models will be of maximum quality.

Process engineering: After a model is tested we redesign the manufacturing process. Re-tooling, setup and the jobbing processes are reconsidered with regards to the maximization of economic objectives, ?green? objectives (waste minimization for instance) and of course product quality.