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PAOK Football Club approached Interhat to offer the exclusive manufacture and distribution  rights of the official headwear for the team?s authentic branded merchandise. The football club wanted a variety of headwear products to complement their merchandising portfolio. After delivering a great range of headwear, Interhat was also invited to provide other complementary accessories at the same quality. With nearly 100 products designed and manufactured, PAOK decided to selectively trial Interhat?s retail network to achieve a greater coverage of the market. Interhat strategically tailored a distribution network for PAOK that complements the sales power of their existing boutique stores. Interhat and PAOK are now working together towards new projects both in terms of the development of products and their distribution. PAOK has granted licenses to Interhat for the following products: hats, caps, scarves, gloves, wristbands, sports balls, flags, banners, socks, bags, casual wallets, sandals and slippers.

 Above are some pictures from our trade promotion at exhibitions done for PAOK all over Greece.

Below is the catalogue of products we produce for PAOK FC. View the 2011 catalogue PDF here.